Crib to Whiz Advantage

Emphasis on English

Spoken English is a focal point at Crib to Whiz. Run by Anglo Indians, the children are encouraged to speak only in English while on the premises. This increases their grasp over the language and with public speaking sessions as part of the curriculum they become more and more confident in English. This ultimately gives the child a distinctive edge when he or she moves to the next level in their educational journey.


Technology forms a very important part of our lives in the 21st century and at Crib to Whiz we pride ourselves in using technology to harness the child’s fullest potential. Educators in the western world have seen first-hand the benefits of technology in the classroom and we want our kids to be offered the identical opportunities to excel. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better Hand-eye Coordination : Outdoor activities augmented by the appropriate use of engaging applications help children develop their hand-eye coordination further. This occurs when children visually follow an object on the screen and actively participate in the activity the application presents. Hand-eye coordination is essential as children begin school when they learn how to use their hands and eyes while writing and drawing.

    Research is mounting that creating strong connectivity between both hemispheres of the cerebrum and both hemispheres of the cerebellum holds the key for optimizing brain function throughout a lifespan.

    This new research on the role of hand-eye coordination in the early development of toddlers is another clue for practical ways that we can give toddlers and children the best odds for learning, creating social connectivity and lay the neural groundwork for maximizing their potential.

    We at Crib to Whiz include daily activities that strengthen brain connectivity between all four brain hemispheres—starting from the first day under our care.

  • Promotes school readiness and Cognitive development : For technology to be meaningful in early education, it must provide opportunities for children to gain the necessary skills to prepare them for school. Many developmentally appropriate computer programs increase a child’s readiness to learn Reading and Math. Technology may provide basic skills in which children develop the competency to be successful in school; these skills are critical for children to then engage successfully in higher-order thinking and applied learning.

    A central tenet of neuroscience, is that the brain continues to develop its ‘wiring diagram’ at least well into a person’s 20s. The frontal lobes, regions critical to high-level cognitive skills such as judgment, executive control, and emotional regulation, are the last to fully develop. It is also well accepted that during this extended developmental period, the brain is highly adaptable to and influenced by external environmental circumstances.

    Infants and toddlers solve problems by varied means, including physically acting on objects, using learning schemes they have developed, imitating solutions found by others, using objects or other people as tools, and using trial and error. Through the use of technology, we at Crib to Whiz aid in their cognitive development by the use of various interactive games and apps.

  • Increases motivation to complete tasks : Many apps and computer activities are created to encourage children to complete a level in order to unlock the next level. These learning games are utilised to pique their interest which then helps create a foundation for children to keep on trying and overcome challenges even outside the screen setting.

    Qualitative data indicates that technology integration and the use of the internet create enhanced intrinsic motivation and engagement with playschool work. Kids reported significantly higher positive attitudes towards school in comparison to students in traditional learning environments. Access to technology can change the teaching and learning dynamics in the classroom to more inquiry-based methods, instead of memorization and drill. The use of technology is a more interdisciplinary approach that can act as a catalyst to move towards teachers acting primarily as coaches while our students motivate themselves to grow as learners.

    For example, translating key words in games and technology can help children hear and practice accurate pronunciations. Similarly, drawing on a touch screen can add to children’s graphic experiences and their representations while manipulating colourful shapes on a light table allows children to explore many colours and their shape.

  • Makes learning more fun : We aim at incorporating technology into classroom instruction by striking a delicate balance between fun and learning. If you think about it, children nowadays are attracted to technology at a very young age. At Crib to Whiz, we attempt to encourage their curiosity in a productive manner by employing the use to technology to make learning fun, while continuing to develop their cognitive abilities.

    E-learning has made it a lot easier for students to learn as it is extremely convenient and user friendly. Various tools are used to make a boring chapter more colourful and interesting. Using technology, both software and hardware, to make the mundane learning material exciting is what many forward thinking educational institutions are resorting to. Students become more technology friendly and learn to accept technology much sooner. As the world is taken over by technology, the faster one adapts to it the more productive they will become in the near future.

    Gamification can range from simple online games that ask the user questions relating to a particular topic, to full virtual environments that simulate real-world situations. Placing learners in these environments gives them an experience that they can never be given in the traditional classroom environment with pen and paper. It gives them real-world skills – rather than merely being able to answer questions regarding a topic or problem


We fully empathise with parents who are understandably anxious to be away from their little ones for the first time for an extended period of time. At Crib to Whiz Playschool, we attach great importance to the safety and well-being of the children and provide the below mentioned aids to keep parents at ease about the safe and happy environment at the playschool. If at any point you have concerns about your child’s happiness, or if you feel they are having difficulties with another child we encourage you to reach out to the class teacher in the first instance.
  • CCTV Recording : To ensure every child is well looked while on the premises, the entire campus is monitored through CCTV cameras. The CCTV video recordings are archived for up to 30 days. This ensures that you can as a parent can be self-assured that if there is any concern, it will be looked into appropriately and parents have 100% transparency in operations.
  • A picture a day : The Crib to Whiz team do not want parents to miss out on the little moments of your child’s learning while at the playschool. We will capture a picture of your child in action each day. This not only provides assurance that your child is looked after while on campus in a safe, lively and creative environment, but also helps you be a part of their educational journey.
  • ID cards for parents : At Crib to Whiz we ensure that the parent(s) are provided with ID cards too. This is to ensure that the child is picked up by only the person that is eligible to do so.

The Team

Joseph Besterwitch


With over 35 years in the education sector, Joseph Besterwitch is a veteran in the field. He has held the posts of the principal of various schools in West Bengal and is known is a visionary among his peers. He likes spending time with kids and believes in providing the best for kids so each of them has the means to achieve their full potential.

Clive Besterwitch

(Primary Sponsor & Director)

Clive hails from Durgapur where he did his initial schooling, after which he moved to Bangalore for his graduation and then completed his MBA in Finance. He has worked in Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and is now settled with his family in London. Through this venture Clive is committed to bringing the best of the western children education to India.

Lauretta Besterwitch

(Sponsor & Associate Director)

Lauretta worked for Alstom Power for almost 40 years before taking voluntary retirement in 2016. She is a prime believer in quality education for children and takes pride of her role in the success of her children. Her younger son, Lt Carlton Besterwitch is a Lieutenant in Indian Navy and her elder son Clive Besterwitch works for a reputed company in London, UK.